The Amazon Echo comes with multiple color lights. Every color shows us different errors. We know that Alexa red ring shows a network error.

Red lights on Echo devices usually mean the device can't hear you. The microphone may not be working or be turned off. Until we turn the microphone back on, Alexa will not listen to your commands. 

Methods to Fix Alexa Red Ring

We can use different methods to fix Alexa's red ring. Here we can explore the best ways to fix the current error. 

Enable Your Echo Microphone

Press the microphone button on top of the Echo to enable or disable the feature. A red light will also appear on the button if we have disabled the microphone in this way. We can quickly fix Alexa's red ring with simple steps.

Alexa Red Ring

Here we need to press the button and Alexa's device automatically turns off the red light. When we restart the device, it starts to hear all commands. Users can simply restart the Echo device by unplugging it and waiting for a few seconds.

Reset Amazon Echo Device

The factory reset of every Amazon Echo device is a little different. We can also reset our Echo device with the help of the Alexa app. It is conveniently available on iOS and Android. There is a factory reset option in the Alexa app, but you also need to follow these steps :

  • We can open the Alexa app and choose devices on its bottom bar.
  • Now select Echo & Alexa and give it its name by selecting it in the menu.
  • Click on the setting button and check its device settings.
  • We can scroll down to register, click deregister, and confirm these actions.

When there is orange light, it means Alexa accepted your reset command. Here we see the orange light turn off and on. It means the reset process is complete, and it is in setup mode. 

Update Amazon Alexa Echo

There is a chance of some bugs or glitches in our device. We can remove it by updating its software. It is a simple process, so we can use these steps:

  • We can open the Alexa app and tap on devices.
  • Here we select Echo & Alexa and choose our device.
  • Click on the settings button and choose about.
  • Check if any updates are available and click on them.
  • We can now install them.

After doing all these steps, we can check whether Alexa's red ring is fixed or not. Users can quickly their Amazon Echo device.